Friday, November 29, 2013

Working For the Weekend

Warning: This post contains many words and not many pictures. If anyone currently reading has an aversion to this style of post, i suggest turning back now!
Don't say i didn't warn you!

I don't know about the rest of you, but my life has been hectic. With AP world tests and striving to get an A, struggling with balanced equations in chemistry, and starting to read Crime and Punishment in English, my school life never slows down. And to top it all off, marching band is starting up again to practice for our last parade of the year (until we travel in the spring) and Irish dance has become panicked due to our upcoming performance. I feel as if I'm running all week and Friday afternoon is my finish line where i have a minute to catch my breath. 
Just a week ago, i had a super crazy week, stress, tests, etc... and then my parents surprised me on Saturday by going to one of my favorite restaurants, shopping, and then watching a movie at home with our neighbors. It felt like a reward for all everyone's been doing. The song referenced in the title (Working for the Weekend by Loverboy) has become the soundtrack to my life. 
But enough about my school-time woes, it's a time to reflect on what we're thankful for! I'm obviously thankful for this blog: when i first started this blog, i didn't tell my mom (...i know, such a rebel) and she almost made me delete it. I'm really happy she let me keep twirl up because since that fateful July, this blog has blossomed. It's like a kid i'm watching grow up. Anastasia*, Marin**, and I are constantly learning and improving and it's a great experience for all of us. 
I'm thankful to have such wonderful friends that can agree on style and that support this blog alongside myself. Running Twirl the way it's being run now really is a 3-girl effort and i'm glad Anastasia and Marin are the other 2/3 of The Twirl Team as well as my best friends.
so thankful for my amazing friends

I'm also thankful to have such wonderful family and friends. Every year, my parents and my brother and I head out to my aunt's farm for a delicious meal with my mom's family. It's a great tradition and i always enjoy meeting up with my family to enjoy a delicious meal and a super fun time. This year was no different and seeing my family and talking, eating, and laughing with them was a lovely time, as thanksgiving always is...and as a bonus, the Raven's won!: 
Cousins (I'm in the white chair)

The kiddie table

The adults' table

My grandfather carving the turkey

post-dinner food comas with easy the lab

wish lanterns with the cousins

sending one off

my brother and i sending ours off together

the most beautiful fall day 

As humans, we ALWAYS want more and it's hard to stop and just be grateful for everything we already have. Thankfully (see what i did there...???), there's a holiday to appreciate
Happy Thanksgiving!
My Cheesy Thanksgiving Clipart gift to you :)

Ps, my apologies for the extreme blurriness, my mom took these with her iphone at thanksgiving *smiles sheepishly*


Monday, November 25, 2013

How-To: Monograms

Ever since I learned that one can DIY their initials into an elegant label in less than 5 minutes, I've been making them left and right.
I was first inspired when I saw Mady's custom monogram which she was was turning into labels for school. I was instantly intrigued and asked how she did it (see the comments here). She directed me to this site for more detailed instructions and after following the steps, i made an easily manipulable monogram.
This is the process that i used:

After downloading this font, I opened powerpoint and arranged my 3 initials in 3 separate text boxes (Ordered first, last, middle)

I then resized the middle initial to be 175 points while the others were 100 points

This step takes concentration: you have to know if you want your letters to overlap or not. I chose to have them overlapping so I arranged them accordingly using the trusty dusty guidelines provided by powerpoint (those dotted lines). You have to be careful so that the letters overlap JUST right, not too much, not too little.  
If you want a simpler look, change the color of the letters. I thought a soft pink highlighting the center initial would look nice. 

This is the fun part: You can mix and match the colors, fonts, backgrounds, etc... of your monogram to your heart's desire! Get creative with it! I put the letters in an oval and put my monogram in front of a print. Most of these prints are Lilly Pulitzer, but any print will do...i personally love the noisy and bright nature of the lilly prints. 

Hope that helps a bit...this process really doesn't take long and has a great outcome. Here are a few of my favorites that I made:

{tribute to my second favorite state}

My current iPhone background

have a fabulous week!

Monday, November 18, 2013

Winter Prep 101: Warm (and Cute) Accessories

Aaaahhhhhh... I seems to be that time of year to bundle up and get warm and cozy. Yay! That means we all get to bring out our warm mittens, scarves, wool socks, and hats:) Don't worry- I'm as excited as you are. So in celebration of a rare free moment I've rounded up some of my favorite fall accessories that can keep you warm, cozy, and looking ever-so cute. And for your convenience I've picked some items from relatively common stores and websites, so if it just happens "you forgot" a scarf and need one fast you know exactly what to look for :) 


Keepin' it simple. Love it. Old Navy

Map scarf? Got it. Urban Outfitters

 Perfectly cute Monday scarf. Kohl's


Isotoner® Winter Gloves - Black

Wintery and warm. Target

Pricey but adorable. Kate Spade

How could I not? ModCloth



The classic beanie. Every girl needs one. American Eagle


Winter knit. Land's End

Pompoms = Winter love Free People- Nordstrom

Share your winter accessory favorites in the comments! Have a happy week:)

Monday, November 11, 2013

Loving: Anthro Fall

On my desktop, I have a post-it note with a bunch of links for crafts that I want to try. While cleaning out my desktop the other day, I was trying out some of these links and remembered this craft where the blogger took a plain anthropologie shift and added a studded collar of sorts for visual interest. I clicked on the link to the dress, shocked to see that one could still buy it, and started surfing anthro. I haven't checked up on that shop in a while, but their fall look book, autumn in Paris, caught my eye.
I haven't been obsessed with Paris since the eighth grade (when i stopped taking french as a class), but this collection has me falling in love with Parisian culture all over again

Tres chic, non?

{All Picture Credit}