Monday, November 18, 2013

Winter Prep 101: Warm (and Cute) Accessories

Aaaahhhhhh... I seems to be that time of year to bundle up and get warm and cozy. Yay! That means we all get to bring out our warm mittens, scarves, wool socks, and hats:) Don't worry- I'm as excited as you are. So in celebration of a rare free moment I've rounded up some of my favorite fall accessories that can keep you warm, cozy, and looking ever-so cute. And for your convenience I've picked some items from relatively common stores and websites, so if it just happens "you forgot" a scarf and need one fast you know exactly what to look for :) 


Keepin' it simple. Love it. Old Navy

Map scarf? Got it. Urban Outfitters

 Perfectly cute Monday scarf. Kohl's


Isotoner® Winter Gloves - Black

Wintery and warm. Target

Pricey but adorable. Kate Spade

How could I not? ModCloth



The classic beanie. Every girl needs one. American Eagle


Winter knit. Land's End

Pompoms = Winter love Free People- Nordstrom

Share your winter accessory favorites in the comments! Have a happy week:)


  1. LOVE the first scarf and second beanie. So cute :)

  2. The hello kitty mittens are just too cute!

    xo, Yi-chia
    Always Maylee

  3. I LOVE those bow gloves you showed and the Old Navy scarf!


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