Sunday, December 29, 2013


Can you believe it?
It has been an entire year!
This time last year, I was standing somewhere in the French Quarter of New Orleans, Louisiana. It feels like yesterday.
I'm so grateful for everything that has happened in the past year. It's these awkward teen years where all the maturing and major learning happens. I think I've grown more as a person (i'm still a little kid at heart) and have a firmer grasp of the reality that's going to hit me in less than 2 years (college, a job, bills, etc...). I'm extremely grateful for every second I spend on this planet and I don't think my life can get much better. The blog is up and running (the rest of the team and I have HUGE plans for 2014...get excited), gaining readership here and there, I'm developing a routine to take better care of my skin/hair, and my closet is going from that of a tween to an adult.
Even so, I have a lot planned for 2014 and am super pumped for a fresh start (and a new calendar). Although it feels like nothing has REALLY happened, when I think about the details of everyday life and the little stories on the news as well as the big ones, more time has passed than I realized. And what about personal accomplishments? The fact that I'm almost halfway through my sophomore year continues to blow me away and scare the socks off of me at the same time. Even so, I can't worry about how quickly the time is passing, only enjoy every second of it.
So here's to 2014: to how quickly the time will fly and enjoying every second of it. 

I turned 15!!

Some of my friends from my section

Marin and I
Marching band field show: James Bond



  1. I am trying to be better about commenting in the new year! I read this on my phone - during my mini-vacation and the Bloglovin app doesn't let you comment. It's really great that the reality is hitting you, so many of my friends and partially myself included, aren't or haven't grasped the reality of senior year. It's a big transition. I will say so far my sophomore year was probably my favorite - a lot of growth for me that year too. Enjoy it! I wish all three of you a wonderful 2014!
    ~Madylin @
    (p.s sorry for the long wordy comment - its your fault, you make me want to be a better blogger!)

    1. Ah i feel you...that is my one pet peeve about bloglovin'...
      Thanks my thinking ahead can some times put a damper on the fun i'm having, but at least i know what i'm getting into ;)
      Thanks and same to you!


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