Friday, July 19, 2013

Currently Obsessed With: Checklists from Matchbook

A while back, i read this post. On it were links to checklists, and being the curious blogger/style monger i am, i clicked on all 3 of them. There was a book checklist, a movie checklist, and a style checklist. I loved all three and am really going to try to start filling them up a little more, but i felt the style list needed a little editing.
This is the original...i feel that it's fairly complete, but i needed to make a couple edits

I got rid of some of the items that i found ridiculous. I don't even know what lace underpinnings are! And when have i ever wanted to wear striped pajama pants outside of the house? Don't answer that...

Next came adding in a few pieces i though should have been on here but were somehow excluded. [Side Note: When i mean Jacks, I am referring to Jack Rogers]

Lastly, i Circled the items i have yet to buy and i have to say, most of these will probably come along with the whole "back to school" shopping or birthday shopping gimmick. Until then, i make lists like these and i try to find where i can get them so i can figure out the best way to gather all of these basics in a tight-ish budget limit. So you could say i'm obsessed...


  1. I love your revised list! I totally agree with every change you made/item you added. No clue what underpinnings are either but I definitely don't think they are an essential item!


    1. Thanks! Yea I was a bit confused by that so i'm glad i'm not alone ;)


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