Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Favorites: Old Navy Graphic Tees

old navy tees

Mickey Mouse Club Tee / Wonder Woman Tee / Campbell's Soup Tee / Beatles Tee

Another Line of Faves!!!
Old navy was more of a recent discovery for me as well. As a preteen, i was smitten with brands like hollister, abercrombie & fitch, aeropostale, and a little bit of American eagle. Those were the days of middle school where every girl and boy wore those brands and if you didn't, you were considered out of style. Old navy was not a store one wanted to shop at. However as my style began to develop, i walked in with my mom one day and my eyes were opened. I still never thought they would have interesting vintage-y graphic tees like these. Tees aren't usually my thing...too casual! But i have always had a soft spot for unique graphic shirts. Hence my love for these 4. My 2 favorites apart from the rest are the Campbell's soup tee and the Beatles's tee. I put 98 Beatles songs on my ipod yesterday and have had their music on all day...i can't seem to get enough of it all of a sudden! Not to mention the fabulous work of art of a Campbell's soup can by Andy Warhol...for some reason his art sticks out in my mind which is why I'm very excited about this tee. Enjoy!

PS: here is the Andy Warhol artwork that i mentioned

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