Thursday, March 21, 2013

Balancing Act

Cardigan: Old Navy, Camisole: Target, Khakis: Target, Flats: American Eagle, Jewels: American eagle

I went to the mall the other day with my friend after going to the zoo. There was supposedly a new species to the zoo being was just a mini cooper painted like a zebra so we looked at the other animals and went to the mall.  I went into Lily Pulitzer for the first time and loved it, as well as Michael Kors which was cool but the store where i actually bought something was american eagle. I got pearl earrings (my other ones have gone missing), crystal earrings, the necklace in this outfit, and a more colorful necklace. Despite the fact that the zoo scammed us with a car, i got jewelry so i guess you could say things balanced out.

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  1. That colour of that cardigan is fabulous! Such a lovely Spring colour xo


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