Monday, January 14, 2013

Campus Comfy

So as usual,  i have an outfit, but another photo monday photo!!

This is my new orleans trip from beginning to end, from plane ride to plane ride
it was beyond fun and the experience was ridiculous!!!

so now back to real life...enough dreaming of nola.
i'm stressing, but im somehow bloggin and pinning, and its honestly therapeutic
so another thing that has been helping me is dressing up. it keeps me awake and focused rather than making me feel tired and sloppy. This is generally more important to do during the actual test taking, however, i can just dress up a little extra that day...
so in honor of the scholarly occasion, i've been trying to dress in a school oriented i hereby dub this week as school week.

Monday outfit:

Cardigan: Nordstroms, Top: MIT store, Flower pin: New York and Company, Jeans: Martin and Osa, Oxfords: Gap

wow those jeans look awful in these pictures...i swear the thighs aren't that big in real life!!!
This one illustrates a look that demonstrates school spirit, girled up. there's a cardigan and flower pin, for heavens sake!!!
However, its really comfy and a lazy day outfit in disguise. a tee and jeans? plain, but you just have to spice it up sometimes...
Last thought: i tried a sock bun with this outfit, and got it pretty good on the 1st try!!!
diy to come


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