Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Leibster, Labradoodles, and Dots to Spare

  1. What is your favorite nail polish?
  2. Do you/did you ever play sports? If so, which ones?
  3. Name your favorite singer/band.
  4. What are your hobbies besides nails?
  5. What is your favorite book? (or author)
  6. What is one accessory you cannot live without?
  7. What is your favorite thing about blogging?
  8. Do you know another language? (besides your native language, that is)
  9. What is the last movie you went to see? Was it good?
  10. Favorite Christmas tradition? (if you celebrate it)
  11. Do you have pets? (yes, I know I stole this question from Sarah, but I really liked it; pictures make it better!! :)
These were the questions asked by TrendyTips of Polished.
She nominated me for that liebster awards that bloggers are supposed to post...now last time i did one of these, none of the people i tagged did one so imma make you a deal:
ill list all of my favorite bloggers 
(and all of  my pintrest faves) as long as you promise me you'll take a look!!!
1)sarahkatestyle: a close friend indeed!
2)phiphi's blog: esp. if you are petite...i'm not, i just like her style!!
3) always maylee: loooooovvveeee her style!!!
4) feathers and freckles: im semi ginger and have freckles and her style rocks so this was an obvious for me...
5)polished...another close friend
6) sandy a la mode: very cute style
7) sarah's real life: like the title says, it's real!
8) kendi everyday...well she owns a fashion store...her style rocksss!!!!

so now for answering those questions:
1) OPI...i have a drawer of it...
2) yup! soccer, lacrosse, summer and winter swimteam, and dance. im down to summer swimteam and dance...
3) uhhhhh right now i like "Anything could happen" by ellie goulding, but i dont have a super favorite artist or anything
4) uh well my fave hobby isnt nails...but i like styling clothes and just hanging around my family...and friends! i always have a good time :)
5) i just read Beauty by Lauren Conrad...worth the money...i read it twice in one day... love it!
6) my shark watch...whenever i dont have it, i look at my wrist all confused like...cant. live. without it!!!
7) having a style outlet!!! High schoolers dont always appreciate style...it's more like leggings, uggs, toms and sweatshirts and i kind of hate all 4!! plus all the support i get :)
8) i took french for 2 years, took spanish in kindergarten, and am currently taking, does any of that count?
9) wreck it ralph and yes...it was adorable...the next one i will be seeing is the hobbit!!! so pumped!!
10) do i have to choose? im obsessed with christmas!! i love every part...but my aunt always does this thing where a bunch of people go to her farm and we ride on a tractor and sing carols...and thats fun because all of  my family is there :)
11) only the most 2 precious labradoodle puppies ever...or they are to me :)

 so there you have it!!! 

onto my outfit: 
i had a pow wow with a few buddies to decorate my christmas tree and a few brought me presents!!! One of which was this cute polka dot chambray shirt from old navy...i LOVE it!!
i have a chambray shirt, and i liked this trend but i want like DYING to get one, but i sure am glad i have one!!! I went bold with some hot pink jeans, which, coincidentally, was the same color shirt a guy in my section from marching band was wearing...
plus a cute belt and matching boots, and i was set
i have officially deviated from my 25 days plan, but it was SSOOOO worth it...no?

Top: old navy, Jeans: H&M, Belt: llbean, Boots: Vintage

Like the lights in the background? ive wound my room with them for chirstmas!!!
14 more days!!


  1. Just realized the hobbies question was tailored to a nail blog nominee... Sorry!!! :*)

  2. Aww thank you so much for including me, I'm so flattered! Your doggies are SO cute! :)

    xo, Yi-chia
    Always Maylee


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