Wednesday, December 5, 2012

50's gal...i think

This is also a day late, as was yesterday's post. Basically expect that from now until like next monday...
anywho!! i really take pride in this outfit. This dress isn't one that i usually wear because it was short when i bought it, then i got a lot taller and its even shorter!
I still love it vintage! (mean girls moment!)
And because today was like 70 degrees, despite the fact that it's december (21 days to xmas...yea im  counting) and so i decided on a skirt. I just threw a denim jacket on the floor next to it and thought "hey an outfit!"
staying with the xmas theme, i added a red belt and some cute pins from jcpenny's giveaway they're doing. I loved how vintage the pins looked too!!! To finish off with a bit of a boyish flare, my old converse. I really loved this outfit and someone i sit next to me told me i looked like a girl from the 50's...i knew the outfit was vintage looking, but im kinda bad wiht eras so i can't verify if the 50's is right...anyone have any input?


  1. I wouldn't have said the 50's, but I'm not an expert either... I guess I think of poodle skirts and saddle shoes :)

    1. see? i so agree and thats why im asking!!!!

  2. hmm...updated 50's I'd say. Or possibly toned-down 80's. (I mostly say 80's cuz of the sneaks.)
    btw who said that?

    1. oh my god I so guessed it would be her!

      btdubs - to be truly 50's the skirt would have to be puffier and longer, but polka dots and swingy skirts were big then so its 50's inspired, I'd say


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