Sunday, December 2, 2012

25 days (more or less)

So you know how abc family does the 25 days of christmas movie thing???
Well, i am just SO excited for christmas, that i have decided to do my own sort of 25 days, by dressing in some sort of christmas-y outfit from now until christmas...i really am excited, can you tell?

so i am watching the ravens vs. steelers game as i type, taking little breaks to scream at the tv, then my dogs look at me funny. That's when you know football season is officially upon us.

so like i said above, i am beyond excited for christmas. I've begun to decorate, not only putting up the 7-foot tree in the family room, and decorating it, but the 12-foot tree is kind of up and i'm having a couple friends over to decorate that one and just have some fun
oh my and picking out gifts isnt too bad either!!! i love picking them out!
my favorite place to go is old navy because their stuff is affordable and i always find something that they'll love!!!

Here's what i'm loving as gifts from non other than old navy:
Give a friend some adorable fuzzy socks for $3.50

A comfy pair of pj pants with a cute print for only $12

a bit more pricey, an open fair isle sweater will keep you warm for $42.94

an adorable bucket hat will fufill any wishlist, whether they knew they wanted it or not for just $10

everyone can use a new hat, and this mint one is great for $10

a geometric scarf for $14.94 is what anyone could want

a polka dot sweater is cute for layering, or just wearing alone for $24.95

So as you can see, im really excited
i even have been litsening to the music...but i have yet to download my own playlist...any suggestions?

so can you blame me for getting in the holiday spirit? Not to mention, New Orleans is right around the corner! Today, after doing a parade, those who were going packed their marching band outfits away for shipment and it hit me and i had a mini excitement attack just at the thought!!! These holidays are what i've been looking forward to!!!

What do you love about the holidays/ What are you excited for?


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  1. Love the socks!! Christmas song suggestions: Christmas Can-Can and 12 Days of Christmas by Straight No Chaser. Seriously, at least look the songs up. They are AH-MAZING!!!!!!


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