Sunday, September 9, 2012

Style Pro

 (Sweater: H&M, Skirt: Wet Seal, Belt: Vintage, Shoes: Target, Bangle: New York and Company)

 Happy Monday!
I had a HECTIC weekend and got rest, but still am missing the extra day...
Anyways, there was a humongous rain storm this weekend that cooled everything down making it feel more like september. Therefore, i can wear my wintery stuff  more!!! YAY! So today, i wore a sweater that I bought in july and have been DYING to wear ever since! I love the color and interesting stiching details and look at the tags that came on it!!:

 Seventeen style pro pics...o yea that's just how I roll!
So here is a picture of it on since the way it's laid out does it no justice. It makes it look frumpy! so here it is on:

Anywho, i hope everyone survives their monday!


  1. I have a 17StylePro blazer from H&M!

    1. no way!
      i love the idea that it's seventeen pro worthy!


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