Saturday, September 8, 2012

Sky's the Limit!

Sky here! and I'm back in business! Things have been so hectic around here. So here's today's post....featuring the sky! I love dressing with the weather, when it's cloudy wearing lots of grey and when its sunny bringing out the brightest colors in my closet.

                                   This sheer shirt would look amazing with a bright yellow cami underneath.
Shirt vintage

This dress is that perfect representation of a beautiful cloudy day. With its darker blues and grey stripes it makes it a darker piece, but is still girly and sophisticated.
Dress from Delias

This flowy shirt reminds me of a cloud! Its very light and fluffy...because of that I like to add tighter jeans to still create the illusion of body.

shirt vintage, jeans lucky brand


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  1. Cute dress!!
    ~Trendy Tips


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