Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Almost Monochromatic...

 (Tee: Gap, Scarf: Eddie Bauer, Jeans: Lucky Brand, Earrings: Forever 21 (they were a gift...shout out to my blogging buddy over at sarah kate style!), Flats: Kenneth Cole)

Another stormy, cloudy, dreary day...But not style wise!
 Today's outfit was very simple. Just like the title says, it's almost ALL in the same color palette...
But a very cute one that is! Blue and gray are classic. They are elegant, simple, and go perfectly. In place of the color, i incorporated a TON of textures! Cotton and denim as a start...Classic! A tee and jeans are super casual and the soft mixed with rough is super cool! The texture of the softness continues on top with a supersoft scarf and floral hoops. There is sort of a ripply feel with both and soo that's why they are on the same half! It gets progressively rougher as you go down. The spikey embellishment on the flats along with the roughness of the alligator skin all over the rest is a denser and not as smooth texture. So although the color palette barely budges, the texture-ometer is ALL over the place!

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