Sunday, August 5, 2012

mixing prints

Hi everyone!
i thought that because i've been lagging a bit on my outfit posts, i thought i would do a special post!
so something i would like to touch on is  mixing prints.
a lot of people want to try it (it's an awesome trend when done right...), but they shay away because they don't know how to do it and if you don't do it right, it'll look horrible.

DO: mix a basic print with a busy print
DON'T: mix two busy prints

here, we see two busy florals with somewhat similar colors. because they are so big a bold, they clash and would do much better separately.

in this example, i took the second floral and paired it with a green stripe. stripes are prints and they do well on their own, but when mixed, they can be counted as a basic or a neutral. it's also drawing colors from the floral which makes them an even better mix.

DO: mix prints that have similar colors
DON'T: mix randomly

while this pair WOULD match, the colors do not and so the pair is a bust. sorry!

now because these patterns have some colors in common, AND they follow the above rule as well, they work! especially if the busier print is on the bottom (more on that next!!!).

DO: mix prints proportionately
DON'T: just mix willy-nilly

Now, what i mean by this, is that the bolder print (in this case, florals) usually does better on the bottom or in larger amounts. i love wearing a cute floral skirt with a pinstripe top or a floral dress with a striped cardigan or jacket or even floral jeans/pants with a striped or dotted top! but this doesn't mean you can't have a smaller dose of the larger print. when you put it on, really make sure it looks ok before you go out and you'll be fine. either way, i adore mixing prints and i hope this helped! Happy mixing!

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