Tuesday, August 14, 2012


so like my mixing prints post, i'm doing this one to make up...it's a biggie!

i'm doing an accessories special!!!

These bracelets remind me of a watermelon. The green on top and pink on the bottom. plus the dots are sort of like seeds! very fresh and summery! bangles are an awesome choice because to can wear more than one and they look sort of mod-retro. and who doesn't love the clunking sound they make?
(green bangle from j.crew, vintage pink bangle, vintage green bracelet)

This is a complete change of subject and style, but the next thing i'm obsessed with is a lovely shark watch! I got one for my birthday, and it's just a must-have. It is totally waterproof, has a ton of things on it like a timer, an alarm, and a stopwatch. Plus, it's pretty cute too!
(shark clip watch from amazon.com. Word to the wise, get it on amazon because they are super, major expensive on the actual shark watch website)

okay now we have a really cool one. We are going back to bangles, but this time, they are square. don't believe me? these are some of the coolest bracelets i have EVER seen...check it out!
(both from target)

now, i have a bag for you! i got it for $8 (thanks N!), but i can't tell if it's a genuine louis or not! give me some insight in the comments. either way, i adore the style and color...tres francaise!
polishing cloth inside. Also came with a small wallet (not pictured).

(uptown cheapskate)

 Next, i have a cute little silk scarf that is white on pink dots, however, it also has horizontal stripes with alternating silk and mesh. super cute, super fun, super chic!
these are the stripes of silk and mesh
(scarf was a gift)

 Lastly, we have a hair accessory. a small chiffon flower clip. looks like not much, but makes a huge feminine impact on an outfit. i also have it in orange.
(hair clips at j.crew)


All of these are just guidelines! find your own versions. you don't have to use these exact pieces. Put your own twist on it and have fun accessorizing!

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