Friday, July 6, 2012

Travel Journal No.1: Williamsburg

For All of you who don't know, Williamsburg is a city in Virginia where a lot of the pre-revolutionary war stuff happened and was the capitol of our country at that time. Right now, it is a popular tourist attraction so that you can see exactly what went on way back when. It's extremely informative and really fun! Everything there is so picturesque and pretty and a lot of the workers there are REALLY into it and act exactly like it's still 1775! They dress like it too (which can present a bit of a problem in the summer) and so can you. hats and costumes are availible along with a bunch of handcrafted items from the tradesmen that work there. The tradesmen make things exactly the way they used to and it usually had a purpose. For example, the house pictured below was built the old fashioned way and everything in it (bricks, shingles, windows, nails, ect...) was made there by the craftsmen. VERY impressive to see them work and you learn a TON! not to mention the evening programs which are also highly recommended. So overall, when you enter, you are taken back in time to the 18th century and see how they lived. VERY cool...this is my second visit and i wouldn't mind going again.

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