Monday, July 2, 2012

Summer Nails

The colors of this season are bright, happy, and seem to pop. In this case, they pop right off of your nails. That's right! We've got your summer nail polish must have colors from an expert on nail polish. All Below!

saturated oranges and reds are classic and act as a neutral. i'm wearing an orange-y red right now! Perfect palette.

(Sinful Colors: Cloud 9, Love My Nails: Hot Tamale, Revlon: Delicious, Revlon: Mon Cherry, Essie: Plumberry)

Light pinks and purples are next. You can go super pale (almost white or white) or just leave it as pastels.Either way, because it's after memorial day, you can work these super feminine colors.

 (Claire's: Snow Ball, Essie: Mademoiselle, Revlon: Sheer Rose, Revlon:Tropical Temptation, Revlon: Candy, Maybelline New York: Lilac Luster)

Next come the cool colors. Gone are flowers of spring and here are the illuminated greens of the forest. To represent that, we have a saturated green and a mint (mint is very in right now...). To represent the fun of pools, the ocean, and even the lovely blue of the sky, we have a light blue and lastly, a shimmery gold for a little glam.

(Revlon: Coastal Surf, Love and Beauty: Mint Menthe, Sally Hansen: Green With Envy, O.P.I: Glitzerland)

Lastly, There are some really cool things you can do with your nails! One example is below. I hat how your hands smell after you pain your nails, so this product is great. It makes your nails smell awesome when they dry adn they smell according to their names. For example, the red one (Mon Cherry) smells like cherries while being an awesome shade of red...really cool!

(All Revlon: Mon Cherry, Sublime Strawberry, Peach Smoothie)

(Claire's: Sherbert)

We have every nail color the book so it's really fun to pick out, seasonally, what to wear. Also, most of the time, nail polish colors indicate style trends.
So have fun and explore different tricks and colors to try on your nails.

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