Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Mix and Match

I know how hard it is to find that perfect bracelet or necklace to go with your outfit.  These are some of my necklaces (most of them are pretty basic things most people have) and what to wear them with.

The first step in wearing your jewlery is knowing how to classify it and then applying it to an outfit (so on the right side of the outfit you can see what category it fits under, on the left side you can see where its from and underneath it you can see information on what to wear it with)

This is Tribal  
necklace from unknown. 
I would wear this with a light colored shirt (white's your best bet, or maybe a light blue) and bright shorts (a bright pink) for a happier outfit, and jeans or khakis for a more serious outfit. All of this will really make the necklace pop. Think darker colors, go more with lighter, brighter colors.
This is Tribal   
necklace from Claires
This I would try a simple outfit again, but definitely make sure to have some blue (dark blue works best) to make the bracelets match.

This is edgy  
necklace from Target
To master piece, the same rules apply. A lighter tee with a print (or a graphic tee's). I'd wear short shorts with it to complete the look (if your really daring, you can also wear shorts with slashes in them)

This is glitzy or glam
necklace from j crew 
This would be best with glittery shoes or a headband to match. I would wear a dark colored top to make the sparkles pop, and lighter pants or skirt. If you want to wear it with a dress, since its long, see if you can double it around your neck. 

This is clasisic 
 necklace from unknown
Try this with a cardigan and dress! Or if your daring, wear it with a rock-and-roll tee. Trust me, it doesn't sound like it will work, but it will look the perfect mix of rough with glam.

This is retro   
  bracelet from Peace, Love, Shop
  The beauty of this is is pretty much works with anything. Wear it with a tee-shirt, a dress, a skirt, it will work.

Enjoy Summer!

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