Sunday, July 29, 2012

I'm a Happy Camper

(Shirt: H&M, Skinnies: Hollister, Shoes: Sperry Topsiders, Bracelet: Homemade, Bandana: Vintage)

 Sorry I'm so behind on outfits...This one is actually Thursday's so that's why I've been taking a few off days to get caught up. and now i am! so this outfit actually reminds me of going to summer camp. now i didn't go to one, but many do and this breezy and comfy summer outfit makes me look like a camper! We have a flowy cotton shirt (new...i got it at the mall), cuffed up skinny jeans (more seasonably appropriate, Sperry Topsiders (comfy, resemble sneakers or moccasins), a homemade bracelet (you make them at camp, and a bandana tied up like a headband in true 80's style (looks camp-y). so we have a very summery look for an equally summery day.

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