Monday, July 9, 2012

Flower Power

There are a few classic items that are always on the runways, just modernized. Flowers are a perfect example! Trust me, every store has some flower related item to it.

Flowers in headbands.
Use this for an ultra-girly spin to basically anything. The soft pink is a great color for darker hair colors because it stands out.

These flower ponytails may look like they belong with a younger crowd but they can really add a punch to an ordinary ponytail

This can be a pin (worn super cute with a similar colored shirt or sweater) or a hair accessory. Try both and add a little 3D to an outfit

This is a gift box but I think its so cute! The flower is on top, and you can easily buy packs of 5 or 6 at craft stores, glue it on top to an ordinary box and it makes it look 10 times better.

This is an example of modernizing the flower look. The shape, where it hits just above your belly really creates that modern feeling to an older patterned shirt.

Shirt From Delias

This is so cute and happy! The bold flowers add a sweet and happy vibe. The flowers don't have to be actual in your face flowers, but simply flower petals.
Skirt from Hollister 

This is a flower bracelet that can be used for a casual day. So simple yet also so cute!

This is one of my favorite clutches because its sophisticated but yet also a bit playful and fun. You can pretty much wear it with anything, but I love it with jeans and a yellow tee.

Rock the Power of the Flower,

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