Monday, July 23, 2012

A Beachy, Boyish Twist

 Oh summer, why oh why do you have do be so hazy, hot, and humid? That's right, the heat is back. But there are advantages to heat days...
-you can get some ice cream and have an excuse
-go to the beach
-go to the pool
-no matter what age, you can always run in the sprinkler!
-laze around in the A.C
that last one probably is a last resort...but still, it's an option!
so to beat the heat, i chose a denim skirt and a tee...not so fabulous...comfy, but not necessarily fashion forward. So i added a brand new pinstripe shirt and tied it up because it was so long. It gave the outfit a very beachy feel and then when i added the high-tops, it added masculinity. sunglasses to protect my eyes from the sun (as always) and a bracelet for a little glam and to bring SOME femininity in. So overall, this beachy, boyish outfit is a great ensemble for a summer day. Stay Cool!

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