Tuesday, April 16, 2013


Tee: Joe Fresh, Skirt: Francesca's, Necklace: Forever 21, Boots: vintage
 Well i got my iphone and made a group instagram for the blog (check it out on the side)
as it turns out, i'm only getting a lavender and white otterbox because my phone seems to magically always fly out of my hand and crash onto the floor
I needed a "special" case as my dad puts it...

Anyways, it's finally feeling like spring here and the depression of winter is draining away. I've been spending so much time outside absorbing the weather, but i decided to dress up with this one. The skirt and tee are new and the tee was from the joe fresh line at jcpenny. i know that it's not anything exciting, but it was a good price and it's a really good quality tee (which i needed) and the rest is history. The skirt is from a cute little boutique called francesca's. My friend told me about it a while back, but i sort of brushed it off. They just opened one up right near where i buy groceries which means that i can now sneak a few pretty pieces in with the milk and eggs! Much more exciting than an $8 designer tee.

Sunday, April 14, 2013

So Needy!

Want Eat Need

Want / EatNeed 1 / Need 2  
(i know...i definitely NEED those flats...soo needy)1

Here is round 2! 
Just some quick commentary on the flats: I love the color of the tory burch flats, but does it look too dark? The reason i picked this emerald color was because it's the pantone color of 2013 and i have just been eating this color up, wardrobe wise. Anyways, i love it, but i also love the orange-red of the madewell pair...which do you prefer?
Have a nice rest-of-your-weekend!

Thursday, April 11, 2013

For Real This Time

Cases version 2

As mentioned in this post, i am lusting constantly for an iphone mainly because of cases...
my current phone has been dropped so frequently that the time has come for a new phone
What i'm trying to say is that I'M GETTING AN IPHONE!!! *teenage girl fanning hands and screaming moment*
phew, glad that's out of my system: Now back to the post
I am getting an iphone, but an iphone 4 (i just wanna see how i do dropping-wise) so the couture casing options are limited now. For example, that soda case? TOO CUTE! and the eyes and live colorfully cases? TO DIE FOR! but to my dismay, they are iphone 5 cases...
the rest is up for grabs though! I really am in the market for a case now so give me some feedback!
thanks so much!

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Lusting over Lavender


Stud Earrings / Bow Stud earrings / Clutch  Chevron blouse / Ankle Strap Flats / belt / shirtdressLace Bodice dressJacket / Pleated dress / Green and Purple Flats / Black and Purple Flats / Polka Dot Pants  / Triangle Bracelet / dangle earrings / Pants / boat shoes /Cap Toe Heels / scarf / lace skirt / Blazer /  Textured Bangle

As the warm weather begins, the flowers bloom, and the days last longer, i find my mind dreaming of pastels. Blush, baby blue, mint, light yellow, light coral, and lavender are just a few of the colors taunting me and my wardrobe as of late. I have some sort of clothing in every color except lavender and that is the color that i'm dying over this year! I love that it's a shade of purple (for the raven's, naturally) and yet still so feminine and delicate. I'm really considering buying either the scarf, the plain pants, or the ankle strap flats. What's  your favorite springtime color?
this is our 150th post! to celebrate, we're revamping the blog so stay tuned!!!
sneak peek of our new design!

Sunday, April 7, 2013

1 Week Late

Here is my extremely belated Easter outfit in all of its glory:

Church Outfit: Shirt-Aeropostale, Skirt-Francesca's, Necklace-loft, Sandals-similar here

Dinner with the family outfit: Shirt-Aeropstale, Jeans-H&M, Necklace-Loft

My Easter was lovely and i hope yours was as well. That morning, pre-church, i guess i stood up too quickly or i ate too much candy before breakfast because on the way from the living room to the kitchen, i passed out. After that catastrophe, my day went quite smoothly! Church was nice and they had so many flowers that i could smell them throughout the church. We had the family over for dinner which is always a fun time and did an indoor Easter egg hunt due to rain. Lots of chocolate, pretty pastel wrappers, and plastic eggs as usual.
This outfit was a prelude to spring for me. This new skirt is absolutely beautiful in real life and this picture doesn't do it justice. It's cream, kind of high waisted, and moves like water. I felt like it was OK to wear white pre-memorial day as well as sandals in march just because this holiday embodies spring, no? I really do feel like spring is here when Easter comes and goes, whether the flowers have bloomed or not!
Happy Belated Easter to you all!

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

No Need for a Title

Want Need Read 1

This new segment is one i have been wanting to try for a while (i'm not going to say the title because i'm sure you can read...). Sometimes, instead of a "read" a "wear" or an "eat" might be up there so just keep an eye out and tell me what you think!